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Shower Pan Replacement


We provide waterproof sheath for tiled showers, installed under the tiles of your shower to prevent water damage to the floor. We make sure that our customers feel satisfied while choosing us as the tile consultants for their residential as well as commercial projects.

Shower pan sometimes becomes too dirty, stained or unpleasant and clients want to change them. It is not necessary to hire service for complete bathroom maintenance because Tile Wize is ready to change the shower pan only. You can save your money that you might spend on hiring comprehensive services even when you really don’t need them.

For a modern touch, it is ideal to change a shower pan with new styles. Shower pans fixing is a bit technical task because a minor error can cause leakage of water. Also, the cause of indirectness of shower pan is due to faults in installation. We make sure that our services are free from such errors. Our technical team verifies every aspect before finalizing the task. They cross-check for leaks and stability of pan before wrapping up their work.

We can change your entire bathing area by replacing shower pan with tubs or seats and vice versa for more comfort. We can also redesign the surrounding shower pan including backsplashes, floor, and walls. For bathing areas in which there are no shower pans but a tiled portion for bathing, we have so many alternatives. Without disturbing your bathroom too much, we can fix a shower pan. No matter what your niche is and what your specifications are we are ready to serve you with our best quality. Our prices are highly competitive, and we never make our clients compromise on anything. We find for solutions which are cost-effective yet highly efficient. Our approach to working is to benefit our clients by bringing a change in their living spaces without putting them through any hassle. Out team is punctual and finishes every task within the mentioned time frame. Mention your task to our team and get free quotation anytime.

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