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Removal and Disposal of old Flooring and Underlayments

Floor Underlayment

TileWize offers underlayment to cover imperfections of the floor before installing tiles.
Underlayment prevents any leakage under the floor. It gives the finishing to the installation of tiles.
We remove old tiles and replace new tiles according to the customer’s requirement.

Because of weather change and beauty purposes people often wish to change their floorings of homes, offices or commercial sites. Tile Wize is ready to handle the complete hassle of removal of old floorings as well as underlayments. Our team smartly remove the floor without damaging the walls and surrounding areas. This feature of our service allows our clients to renovate their site with a cost-effective approach. In case you only wish to change the flooring, you don’t have to pay for wall repairing and other extra things to have a well-finished appearance on your site.

We also remove underlayment and change it for our clients with more suitable varieties to meet their specifications. Along with the removal of old flooring and underlayment, we also deliver services of disposal of material. We have vehicles, labor, and equipment to collect, take away and dispose of floorings and underlayment.

You don’t have to wait to get the trash off from your site. We never dumb the material but always put efforts to deliver it to companies for recycling purpose. Our motive is to take care of our clients as well as the environment. Our advanced team will quickly wrap up all material to remove soon from your site so you can continue other activities easily.

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