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Glass Enclosures

Glass Enclosures

Glass enclosures add life to kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, waiting lobbies, balconies, and gardens. There are several stylish ways to install glass enclosures to cater defines requirements by the clients.


Glass Enclosures Raleigh Nc


Glass enclosures can be set as an individual body with the support of metal or wooden frames and also attached to walls and ceiling. For every niche, the selection of material for frame, gauge, and variety of glass differs. It is mandatory to help clients understand what most appropriate choice is for them. For bathrooms and dressing areas privacy is the center of planning. For waiting lobbies and gardens beauty is more important, and for balconies, safety is also a concern. Tile Wize team focuses on such critical points before suggesting any solution to our clients.

They focus on functionality, advancement, and beauty of glass enclosures as well. To achieve their goals we always have a preference to follow client’s budget and existing theme of space. These features of our services allow us to create fabulous designs along with practical solutions.

We have varieties of glass types and framing systems in our inventory which makes it easy and less time consuming to for our team to create your glass enclosures for our clients. We can also develop

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